Franseman is now nearly 18 months open to the public and thinking back on the first few months in a new home, new schools, new town, new country and then creating a pattern of familiarity and making it feel like home was truly not easy.

Big was the plan and even bigger the mark we wanted to make on Paarl and surely making a mark in Paarl is not as easy as this is a community with their own ideas and traditions which as an incomer have no say over…. Luckily, we also found a Paarl that we absolutely adore… One of kindness, one of care and one of love and that Paarl we truly aspire to be part of.

Franseman is a place to be one with yourself and also feel you belong… the feel of this space is so derived from our Namibian ways, being hospitable- always, be friendly- always, talk to everyone- always inspire and aspire to be better – always.

People ask us daily about the mural in our store and we tell the story … Luca and Lulu our two beloved black pugs (Frans and Ronel in the real world) had to take on a scary journey to provide better for their children and thus they put on their traveling suits (space suits) and started to find not as such to greener fields, but rather where they can grow into great “future space travelers”, be part of like-minded people and to give them a chance in the bigger world. The two pugs then saw the “Taal monument” and after careful research landed and made Paarl their new home. The pug planted the proverbial flag and it reads….. “Find me at our spot” .

Who are we, and what is our background…. First of all, we love all things associated with design and people creating amazingness around them. Frans with 30 years in the event and flower industry of Namibia, is a very detailed orientated Event planner and organiser. a Creative seeker and corporate event strategist. a Do it all type of person can do everything he sets his mind to – stylist, baker, chef, interior designer, graphic designer, painter, artist, husband and father and pug lover. Ronel is the logistical and financial part of this team, she also keeps Frans sane and keeps his creativity in check. Ronel keeps the calm and bring the softness and God daily into the details of our existence which again keeps us as family and the Franseman ideology intact and guided to the future and not failure. A writer, dreamer and lover of life… and who also loves to use the word “Foktog”.

A bit about “summiting” Paarl mountain…. It took us nearly 18 months to feel we can summit, we can be part of Paarl, its people, its character and its ways… we still do not fit into all its ways and maybe some change can be inspired through Franseman.

We are not fond of inequality, racism and snobbishness, wanna-be-people and the great pretenders… we are all about fairness, quality, mindfulness, real-people, movers, shakers, plan-makers, artists, creators and people who trust them self, and above all and finally we absolutely praise our almighty God. We believe in Love and respect everybody’s journey with God and life. God is our provider. God is our heartbeat.

Ps. Only half of our family have summited the Paarl Mountain, the wind up there was crazy, the view mesmerizing, the climb remarkable and the experience in just one word- F A B U L O U S – others have torn shorts, another is afraid of heights and one blatantly said NO- not for me.