Our Services

A curated space set to enrich the senses and create havoc with your bank balance if you are not careful but ultimately, we want to be there as a creative booster (jab) when you feel rundown or in need of some great “feel-good-juice” and inspiration.

Floral atelier

A flower experience like you have never experienced before where you are the creative director and we create according to your wish and vision while providing expertise and know how to provide a sound design with longevity as the main objective.
“Fleuriste” encapsulating the principle of great floral design understanding shape, form, colour and design esthetics while ultimately enjoying the inspiring process creating one of a kind bespoke floral design.
A retail experience where the fresh flower produce, containers and packaging in bespoke Franseman packaging is just as sought after as the design.

Come and be mesmerized at one of our flower counters with a cup of coffee and let’s get designing.

Capsule Collections & Design

Design is fundamentally the only thing that makes you stand out in a crowd and the Franseman vision for this is to provide once off, small collections of amazing hand craft, design and bespoke creations which will become beloved items. We advocate for slow design which is more about being timeless and are not just about current trends in design.

Slow design means items which will become life long loved pieces of fashion, jewelry, bags or design bought not only for functionality or purpose but for quality esthetics and becoming a staple piece- a forever loved piece.

Luxury gifting

The art of giving is precisely that -an ART- and if done well a gift can make all the difference on how you make somebody else feel. The Franseman vision for Gifting is designed to use sought-after items which are loved for its usefulness but also convenience. A range of bespoke packaging containers, papers and ribbons will make these creations one of a kind wished for items.

Slow down it is time for a coffee

The approach for serving this Namibian roasted speciality coffee in the heart of the winelands has become a certain from the day Franseman was conceived in our minds and how amazing to serve you a brew which we believe is the best easy drinking cuppa on the African continent. The coffee shop at Franseman is a modern French inspired bistro with alfresco seating under exquisite canopies overlooking and experience the architectures of Paarl as in the early 1950. Smelling the aroma of the old lime tree while gazing we promise not only the best coffee but a great ambience while doing so.