Our Story

Both Ronel and I are born in Windhoek and grew up in different towns of Namibia, but eventually the coastal town of Swakopmund is where our hearts met and belonged, the early morning fog rolling over the Atlantic Ocean truly created home for us. We got married in the Swakop river next to the Namib Dunes.

From there the event industry called us to the Capital of Namibia, Windhoek. Growing a family and a business venture was amazing. In 2020 we got captured by covid and our minds started to wander and questions arose that stated… “IS THIS IT?”.

Both lovers of the finer things in life we always pushed our own boundaries by venturing and showcasing what we love through the events and the retail space we owned for the past 28 years. Lovers of flowers and bespoke one of a kind designs we created a following of people who also formed part of our tribe. A “inspiration” platform fed the soul for us and many others, but unfortunately, eventually also this audience started becoming smaller and smaller as people started leaving Namibia for greener pathways.

With Three kids, two black puggies, two hairy cats and wandering souls it was time to move where we can be inspired and fill our cup once again. Being both passionate about living a more purposeful life we were showed and steered by God into a new country, new town and decided to create and become part of a community of creatives, fellow soul searchers and likeminded creatures who do not mind being a little bit bad ass or has a rebel streak.

We envision a space to become one with what we love, one with our surrounding and one with a town and community our ancestors resonated from in the early 1920’s.

Frans…… the franseman
I am a Passionate, highly driven, visionary when it comes to things that I love, a flower lover, event specialist with 29 years actively being part of the Namibian Event industry, business owner and creative force behind the Franseman Concept living brand.

Ronel…… the Franseman se vrou
I am passionate about life and only see and hear beauty in every day. My soul communicates through music, beauty in all forms and the significant moments that weave together to create the most breathtakingly painting on the canvas of life. Great Coffee ‘grounds’ me and keeps me sane. I believe that you are most beautiful when you are yourself. God is always in the detail.